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Qur'anic Arabic

This course focuses on Classical Arabic grammar to connect you with the Qur'an.

HD Motion Graphics

Using state-of-the-art motion graphics to convey complex grammatical strucures in beautiful HD Video.

Course Notes

Months of research laid out in professionally designed notes.

"I wish I was able to continue after 1 month! So beneficial MashAllah . JazzakAllahu khair brother Saad you explain so well and clearly Allahuma barik"

Aissata Ndiaye
Joined 17/09/16

"SubhanAllah I really enjoyed this lesson. May Allah make it easy for all of us to digest everything we are taught. JazakAllahu khairan."

Rucksana Begum
Joined 13/09/16

"I've recently studied many Arabic programmes however after joining the Arabic Code I found the teaching to be very interactive and simplified which suits my style of learning."

Mahbub Rashid
Joined 03/09/16

Detailed Course Notes

Professionally designed PDFs to summarise complex lessons.

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